Mansfield Baby Photographer

Baby A, 5 weeks new


I wasn’t sure if baby A was going to sleep today for her newborn session as she is 5 weeks old and super alert when awake. She’s now smiling too and didn’t seem at first very sleepy but after some nice milkies she was ready for some well earned modelling sleep! So nice to be able to capture some sleepy shots and some smiling awake ones too. Just a few images from her session below.

5 week old smiling newborn

Baby O is 1! Cake Smash


Well baby O certainly enjoyed his cake smash today and got stuck into the cake with no messing about! He was really funny and already has this very cute and cheeky personality. He was also super speedy but thankfully once the cake came out he was sat nicely with that for a good while. Just a few image rom hsi session below.

baby boy blues cake smash with white chair

Baby L, 3.5 weeks new


Baby L came to see me today for her wrapped newborn mini session. Just look at her lovely squishy cheeks! At 3.5 weeks old she was very alert so I was able to get some lovely awake shots. Once she fell asleep and after some wind, she was out for the count! So I wrapped her up and we got her lovely snuggly sleepy shots too. Jusr a few images from her session below.

wrapped newborn photography

Baby H, 5 Days New


On the chunky chops scale this little fella is definitely a 10! Baby H at 5 days new is the total image of his big brother when he was a newborn too. And today his very loving and proud big brother brought his new little bro to the studio for his newborn session. We got some lovely cuddling shots, he really is very happy to have a new best buddy 🙂

natural newborn photography in white blanket

Baby J’s Newborn Session


Such a cute little man! Although baby J was a little but windy today, as a lot of babies are, I managed to get lots of very cute images of him for his Mummy, Daddy and big Brother. I was great catching up with his Mummy & Daddy again too after photographing their wedding a few year back. Just a few images from his session below :-

wrapped newborn baby photography, egg wrap pose

Baby P is 1! Cake Smash


Baby P came to see me today for her first birthday cake smash. We went with pinks, purple and rose gold. It was great catching up with her family again and seeing how big P’s big sister L is now, 2 years on from her cake smash session. A few images from her session below with some help from big sis too!

cake smash purple and pink

Baby G’s Photography Session


6 week old Baby G visited me today with his Mummy for his studio photography session. He has just started to smile so I was able to capture him giggling. He was awake for most of his session but he was tired at the end so we able to get some cute sleepy poses of him too. A few images from his session below.

macro close up of newborn
6 week old in grey hedgehog jumper
baby photography. baby on tummy on grey backdrop
sleepy newborn boy on biscuit backdrop with cream knitted bonnet and wrap
sleepy newborn boy in little wooden bed with fur

Baby B Newborn


Baby B’s newborn photography session was lovely today. He wanted to know what we were up to so stayed awake for most of it! I photographed his big sister too when she was a newborn, so maybe she told him what was going to happen and he wanted to offer up his own poses which he did well! A few images from his session below.

newborn boy is striped sleep suit on white backdrop, newborn photography
baby boy newborn photography session with white wrap on duck egg backdrop
baby boy newborn photography session with duck egg wrap
baby boy on biscuit coloured backdrop during newborn photography session
baby boy newborn photography session on a grey backdrop