Baby M & Big Sister I

Baby M & Big Sister I came to see me yesterday for baby M’s first photography session.  He was great and slept very well, he loved being all snuggled up. Big sister I loves her new baby brother and was helping me with posing him using the positioner that I have in the studio.  A sneak peek of images is below :-

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To discuss booking your own newborn in with me for a photography session then please contact me here.

If you are looking for sleepy newborn photography then babies are best photographed around the 5-14 days mark.  I am able to book you in for a session before baby is born, the session date can then be adjusted to fit the above timescales if baby is early or late.

Baby M & Big Sister wrapped newborn with bear hat swaddled newborn photography in grey knitted wrap and bonnet wrapped in sage green knitted wrap Baby M & Big Sister newborn session