Nottinghamshire Newborn Baby Photography Baby W slept like a superstar today and didn’t wake up once for his newborn baby photography session.  We chose duck egg blue, cream and grey for his colour scheme. Below are a few image from his session.  To discuss booking a newborn session with meContinue Reading

Family newborn photography Oh my goodness how super cute are Baby N and her big sister W!! Baby N and her family came to see me today for their PURE newborn session. Just a few images are below. Follow me of Facebook or Instagram for more updates.Continue Reading

Baby I came to see today for her newborn session. It was great to catch up with her Mummy & Daddy again and meet the newest addition to their family. Just a few images from her shoot below :-Continue Reading

Little baby O was such a good girl for her session today. After a bit of wriggling at the beginning of the session she did 3 lovely big burps and then slept for rest of her images! Mummy brought in her koala hat and tiny bear which look so cute!Continue Reading

I wasn’t sure at the beginning of this session whether little baby L was going to go to sleep! He was so alert! Also because he was a little bit older he wasn’t showing any signs of sleeping! But with patience and time, I got him to sleep and onceContinue Reading

Baby C was a total star for his newborn photography session today. He slept the whole time except for a lovely feed half way through, which he had, did a nice big burp and then went straight back to sleep. Dream baby! A few images from his session below :-Continue Reading

6 week old Baby G visited me today with his Mummy for his studio photography session. He has just started to smile so I was able to capture him giggling. He was awake for most of his session but he was tired at the end so we able to getContinue Reading

Baby G wasn’t that keen on missing out on all the fun today so was awake for quite a bit of his session, which is lovely as we were able to get some awake shots along with his sleepy ones. He also did lots of smiling too! A few fromContinue Reading

Baby C came to see me today for his newborn session. It was lovely to catch up with his Mummy, daddy and big brother again. He has such a sweet little face and was so inquisitive when awake. Just a few images from his session below :-Continue Reading

Baby B was a little bit awake and alert today! He wanted to see what we were up to so fought sleep for a while. But then that got very tiring for him and he fell asleep so I was then able to pose him into cute sleepy poses. ThisContinue Reading

Baby K slept through his whole session today, mainly because he was exhausted from keeping his mummy and daddy up all night! But hey at least we got some great photographs! A few from his wrapped mini session below :-Continue Reading

Today was all about pretty girls and pretty flowers. Baby M & her big sister M in for their session this morning. Big sister M was a super helper today, helping to tidy up and fetching items etc for me. Just a few images from their session below.Continue Reading

It may have been 34 degrees here today but in the studio I am able to keep a cool temperature when needed, so baby A was happy being wrapped up this morning. She slept for the whole wrapped mini session only waking at the end for a feed. A fewContinue Reading

It was so lovely to meet the newest addition to this lovely family today, baby S at 11 days new. A new best friend for 3 year old A, who also came to see me 3 years ago for her newborn session. I think A is a little bit chuffedContinue Reading

Newborn’s love being wrapped up all cosy and warm. So when little I was being super inquisitive at the beginning of her session and wanting to know what I was up to, I knew it wouldn’t be long once I wrapped her up that she would drift off to sleep.Continue Reading

Baby M was full of smiles during his newborn photography session. We used some lovely olive and dark greens along with greys and blues too. I think he really suits these colours. A few images from his wrapped mini session below :-Continue Reading

Baby A visited me today with his big brother for some newborn photography images. He was so alert for a 4 week old and was easily able to hold his head up too! We did get a few shots of him pretending to be asleep but in the main heContinue Reading

Newborn Baby M, 15 days new came to see me for her first photo session today. Although she was a bit windy she loved being wrapped up and soon settled of to sleep. It may be rainy outside but the studio was filled with summer colours for her session. IContinue Reading

Best buddies, big brother R with he new best friend 13 day old baby L. It was lovely to see R again, nearly 3 years on from his newborn photography session. It was also great to catch up with his Mummy & Daddy again too. A few images from hisContinue Reading

I love being a newborn baby photographer and today was a great session. Baby O came to see me with her super proud big brother for her first photo shoot today. Although I had plans for him to wear his white shirt for the shot of the two of themContinue Reading

It’s not often I get the opportunity to photograph newborn cousins. Only just over a week apart these beautiful girls came to see me for a mini session to have some photographs taken for their Grandma. Baby G, now 5 weeks old came to see me for her newborn sessionContinue Reading

Baby Photographer covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire. It was great to catch up with this little ones Mummy again and meet the newest addition to the family, baby I. I love her lovely squishy chops! She reminds me of how my own babies were as they were a similar size.Continue Reading

Sleeping was not on this little one’s agenda! So we went with it, I think he knew what we were up to and wanted to make sure nothing too silly went on! A few from Baby O’s session with one very proud big sister too 🙂Continue Reading

Beautiful baby A, in for her baby photography session at 13 days new. It was great to catch up with her mummy and daddy again and see how much her big brother has grown too. She was such a good girl today and apart from a few windy grumbles atContinue Reading

Baby A, 8 days new 🙂 Little Baby A shouldn’t even be here for another 2 weeks so she was still so sleepy for her session. Mummy & Daddy wanted pale pinks, grey and whites, a colour combination that I love too. Just a few images from her session below.Continue Reading

Baby B was super sleepy for his newborn photography wrapped mini session. Babies love being wrapped up so usually sleep well for these sessions. We got through lots of set-ups for his mummy & daddy, just a few images below.Continue Reading

Yes you read the title correctly! Baby Wolverine was in my studio! We had lots of fun with Baby L and his superhero fans, Mummy & Daddy. Baby L was the awakest awake baby I have ever met! But when he was asleep he was out for the count, soContinue Reading