Derbyshire baby photographer

Baby A, 13 Days New, Newborn Session


Baby A had been busy keeping her Mummy & Daddy awake last night so she was ready for a good nap when she got to the studio! Great for me, maybe not so great for Mummy & Daddy. But they do now have some super cute images that they will have forever, so maybe that’s worth a sleepless night?! Sending sleepy night-time baby vibes their way for tonight! Just a few images from below of super cute baby A.

wrapped newborn with flower tieback

Baby E, is 3 weeks new


Such a cute little one in the studio today for her newborn photography session with me. Baby E, slept so well (mainly because she had been awake a lot of the night!) That’s great for me, not so good for her Mummy!! But at least we got lots of lovely shots for her to cherish. Just a few images from her session below.

wrapped newborn

Baby B Newborn


Baby B’s newborn photography session was lovely today. He wanted to know what we were up to so stayed awake for most of it! I photographed his big sister too when she was a newborn, so maybe she told him what was going to happen and he wanted to offer up his own poses which he did well! A few images from his session below.

newborn boy is striped sleep suit on white backdrop, newborn photography
baby boy newborn photography session with white wrap on duck egg backdrop
baby boy newborn photography session with duck egg wrap
baby boy on biscuit coloured backdrop during newborn photography session
baby boy newborn photography session on a grey backdrop

Newborn Cousins Photography


It’s not often I get the opportunity to photograph newborn cousins. Only just over a week apart these beautiful girls came to see me for a mini session to have some photographs taken for their Grandma. Baby G, now 5 weeks old came to see me for her newborn session a few weeks ago and today she brought Baby C, nearly 4 weeks old back with her for a cousins mini shoot. I am sure girls will love these images when they are older. A few images from their session below.

awake newborn girl on peach backdrop