Newborn Photography Mansfield


It was so lovely to meet the newest addition to this lovely family today, baby S at 11 days new. A new best friend for 3 year old A, who also came to see me 3 years ago for her newborn session. I think A is a little bit chuffed with her new baby sister 🙂 A few images from her session below :-

wrapped newborn baby girl, painted flowers

Baby I’s Newborn Photography


Newborn’s love being wrapped up all cosy and warm. So when little I was being super inquisitive at the beginning of her session and wanting to know what I was up to, I knew it wouldn’t be long once I wrapped her up that she would drift off to sleep. I was then able to get her sleepy shots for mummy and daddy along with a few awake ones too.

wrapped newborn baby girl in white wrap on a cream flokati.

Baby B Newborn


Baby B’s newborn photography session was lovely today. He wanted to know what we were up to so stayed awake for most of it! I photographed his big sister too when she was a newborn, so maybe she told him what was going to happen and he wanted to offer up his own poses which he did well! A few images from his session below.

newborn boy is striped sleep suit on white backdrop, newborn photography
baby boy newborn photography session with white wrap on duck egg backdrop
baby boy newborn photography session with duck egg wrap
baby boy on biscuit coloured backdrop during newborn photography session
baby boy newborn photography session on a grey backdrop

4 week old Baby A


Baby A visited me today with his big brother for some newborn photography images. He was so alert for a 4 week old and was easily able to hold his head up too! We did get a few shots of him pretending to be asleep but in the main he was wanting to see what we were up to! A few images from his session below.

baby bot on blue flokati rug

Newborn Baby M


Newborn Baby M, 15 days new came to see me for her first photo session today. Although she was a bit windy she loved being wrapped up and soon settled of to sleep. It may be rainy outside but the studio was filled with summer colours for her session. I the freshness of pale lemons and whites that we used for her session.

newborn baby girl in floral set-up photography

Picky Eaters – Fish Flingers!


My youngest is a nightmare eater. My eldest was the same, for a few years she would only eat fish fingers & chips. I dont really know where it went wrong as when I started weaning her she would eat most things. But gradually over time she started to refuse more and more of the foods until there were only a handful of things she would eat. Now she is 10 she is much better and I never thought that would happen.

A lot of people told me that she would get better when she started school but actually it wasn’t until she was around 7 that she started to eat more variety. I have since learned that children have a lot more sensitive taste buds than adults which makes them very sensitive to strong tastes until around that age of seven. Although a lot of her problems seemed to be with texture as well as taste.

My middle child was the exception and despite being weaned exactly the same way as the other two was never particularly fussy except for mildly over the toddler years, but nothing that would cause concern.

It’s interesting as I always thought that we were to blame for my daughters fussy eating but the more I go through parenthood the more I realise that it’s just something that’s already in their genetic make-up and if they are destined to be a fussy eater nothing you do will stop that. I rode it out with our eldest and we have come out the other side and we will do the same with our youngest.

My youngest is currently in nursery and starting in reception in September. The school offer a lunch time visit to the lunch hall so they can get used to the whole school dinners thing. We went for his lunchtime visit this week. I didn’t hold up much hope that he would eat much but there was breaded fish on the menu which he does eat at home (along with any other beige freezer tapas we have) so we got him that and some chocolate pudding for afterwards. There was literally nothing else, despite there being lots to choose from, that he would eat.

We sat down at a table with my other two and lots of other children. Well, I have to say I have never been so embarrassed. He threw an absolute wobbler fit and actually picked up the breaded fish and flung it across the table! Having rescued it from the other end of the table I decided that he may eat it if I cut it up for him but no, he then started punching the cut up fish! Let me just say that again, actually punching the fish on the plate! All the meanwhile a table full of bewildered year 1 children and meandering dinner ladies looked on in disbelieve!

Now I know he is very awkward at home with food but he has never thrown his dinner or punched it so I wonder why he chose to do that in front of a whole dinner hall full of people. It’s the old thing of “hes never done that before” and you can imagine the dinner ladies thinking “oh yes we’ve heard that one before too” .

He ended up after about 10 minutes of screaming eating about two mouthfuls of the fish – mainly just the breadcrumbs. I decided that didn’t earn him the chocolate pudding as he’d hardly eaten any of his lunch. When we did finally get up to scrape our plates the chocolate pudding unfortunately had to be scraped into the bin in front of him which set him off again!

So if you are having a bad time with your fussy eater maybe you can read this and think well at least I didn’t have the embarrassment of dealing with a room full of people watching my child assault seafood today – it’s not all bad!

I will continue to send him for school dinners in September as otherwise we will never get beyond where we are now, but I do worry for the dinner ladies on breaded fish day that they will be finding it in their Tabard pockets on the way home!

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    Newborn Baby Photographer


    I love being a newborn baby photographer and today was a great session. Baby O came to see me with her super proud big brother for her first photo shoot today. Although I had plans for him to wear his white shirt for the shot of the two of them together, it was all about the red dinosaur top for big brother H! But with a super smile like that he can wear what he wants! Baby O slept very well for her session and we got through lots of pretty set-ups. It was great to catch up with their Mummy & Daddy whose wedding we photographed 9 years ago. I feel very privileged that they chose me to photography H when he was a newborn. And again for their new baby, O. Just a few images from their session below.

    boy in red top cuddling newborn baby sister
    close up macro shot of newborn face
    baby in a white metal bucket
    peach backdrop with newborn baby, with peach tie-back
    newborn baby girl on cream flokati

    Newborn Cousins Photography


    It’s not often I get the opportunity to photograph newborn cousins. Only just over a week apart these beautiful girls came to see me for a mini session to have some photographs taken for their Grandma. Baby G, now 5 weeks old came to see me for her newborn session a few weeks ago and today she brought Baby C, nearly 4 weeks old back with her for a cousins mini shoot. I am sure girls will love these images when they are older. A few images from their session below.

    awake newborn girl on peach backdrop

    Sitter Photography Mansfield


    I love photographing sitters, full of smiles, chunky legs and can’t they escape yet! Little D with her wild hair came to see me for her sitter session today. It was lovely to catch up with her Mummy and to see how much little D has grown from her newborn session. Just a few images below from the session.

    sitter baby girl in yellow suitcase with london print dress

    Baby I Nottingham Baby Photographer


    Baby Photographer covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire.

    It was great to catch up with this little ones Mummy again and meet the newest addition to the family, baby I. I love her lovely squishy chops! She reminds me of how my own babies were as they were a similar size. They were all around the top end of 8lb/ bottom end of 9lb. Its amazing how strong and how much head control larger babies can have, but we always put safety first. The shots where little I is upright Mummy was supporting her the whole time. Her hand is then edited out during the editing process. Just a few images from baby I’s wrapped mini session below.

    potato sack pose on pale green flokati

    Baby Photography Session


    Beautiful baby A, in for her baby photography session at 13 days new. It was great to catch up with her mummy and daddy again and see how much her big brother has grown too. She was such a good girl today and apart from a few windy grumbles at the end, nailed her session like a true professional! Mummy wanted pale pinks and lilacs and I love how the lilac suits her hair. Just a few image from her session.

    newborn photography wrapped baby girl with white bear, white knitted wrap on a cream basket stuffer

    Baby Wolverine Nottingham


    Yes you read the title correctly! Baby Wolverine was in my studio! We had lots of fun with Baby L and his superhero fans, Mummy & Daddy. Baby L was the awakest awake baby I have ever met! But when he was asleep he was out for the count, so today we got a mix of great images for his Mummy & Daddy. Just a few of them below.

    Baby Wolverine

    Sitter Photographer Mansfield


    I love photographing sitters, they are usually always happy to see me, can sit nicely and can’t escape as they are not crawling yet! Baby O came to see me for his newborn session 8 months ago and wow has he grown. He is super cutie and I think he knew it, all that blonde hair is just gorgeous! He worked the camera like a professional model! On the last image he was like “my work here is done” mic drop! A few images from his session are below.

    sitter baby boy in vintage blue suitcase