I am an experienced, patient and friendly photographer who understands babies and children, I have three myself!  I have been a specialist in photographing newborns and small children for over 6 years. I have photographed over 400 newborn babies and also countless older babies and children. I have the experience to deal with most things that are thrown at me – including small toys and projectile milk, etc! 

My spacious studio is a calm and welcoming place, away from the stresses of town centers, parking is right outside.  Come to my studio for a relaxing, unique experience that you will remember.  

I do not offer home visits as I believe that it is far less stressful for you not having to rush around tidying up and not having to heat your home to 28 degrees for newborn sessions.  It also means that you have a much wider array of props to choose from, as home visiting photographers can only carry a small amount of props with them. 

I use high quality equipment and studio lighting which means that the final image quality is incredibly high. The images that I provide for you can be enlarged to large sizes and are not grainy. I switched from natural light many years ago when I realised that it doesn’t produce high enough quality images when it is less than sunny outside. Images shot in low light have to be shot at a much higher ISO, not to bore you too much with technical jargon! but basically the higher the ISO the more grainy the image, which means when you then want to enlarge a print to go on your wall, the quality will be poor. Rest assured that in over 400 babies not one of them has had an issue with the flash.

I have a lot of different accessories and beautiful props to create stunning images. I offer a fantastic range of beautiful wooden products along with images that you will fall in love with.

Please check out my blog page for some of my recent sessions and contact me for a chat about your session and what you would like from it.

Some images of my studio are below.

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